These are the pages of Kay Schlühr, the guy to the left, sitting at the front of the "Paradise Forum" in the center of Birmingham.

I'm a German mathematician and programmer, residing in Munich/Germany, earning my livelihood as a freelancing software engineer in turbulent econonomical times.

It's mostly nerdy stuff I present here, "computational imagination" as I like to put it, projects with one or another theme which has fascinated me for some time. I hope this won't run dry too soon. We programmers are victims of our own success and as industrial programmers we have to live within the entropic landscapes and lock-ins created by our predecessors and this is hardly ever experienced as a romantic drift into decay, into Ballardian inner spaces.

Programmers like to reflect themselves metaphorically using other professions.They think of themselves as artists, engineers and craftsman, even gardeners. Haskell programmers believe they are mathematicians. Bruce Eckel thinks that programmers are writers - but without stories to tell. I like to think of myself as a programmer-philosopher, someone whose work is basically conceptual. Could all of this be true, the differences be superficial and caused by changing perspectives?

Maybe we will begin to understand ourselves once non-programmers start to think like programmers and build metaphors inspired by them. It is like waiting for an alien species contact which finally defines mankind and give us the right names.