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jynx.lib.javaparser – Java parser for Jython

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jynx.lib.hibernate – Hibernate Support

Getting started

Hibernate Download

Download the latest Hibernate Core package as well as Hibernate Annotations.

Open jynx/lib/

and set the root paths of your Hibernate and Hibernate Annotations packages i.e. the variables


Apache Derby

Download Apache Derby. Apache Derby is an RDBMS implemented in Java which doesn’t require a database server. It is used by Jynx for testing purposes. Otherwise there isn’t Derby specific code aside from some configuration and it shall be easy to replace Derby with your favorite DB.

Open jynx/lib/hibernate/

and set the root paths of your Derby package i.e. DB_PATH.

Hibernate Config

Open jynx/lib/hibernate/hibernate.cfg.xml and change the properties as you wish. By default a new hiberjynxdb database will be created at the current working directory.

Working with JPA/Hibernate annotations

Using the Entity annotation

Using the Entity annotation from jynx.lib.hibernate triggers the translation process of a Jython class into a Java Entity which can be used with Hibernate Annotations.


class Flight(Serializable):
    flight_id = jproperty("int")

    @signature("int _()")
    def getFlightId(self):
        return self.flight_id

    @signature("void _(int)")
    def setFlightId(self, flight_id):
        return self.flight_id = flight_id

Other translating annotations

The Entity annotation is not the only annotation which is translating. Other translating annotations are

  • Embeddable
  • MappedSuperclass

Boilerplate reduction with the bean_property decorator

The above Flight bean description can be reduced to

class Flight(Serializable):
    def flight_id(_):_

Using the bean_property the flight_id as well as the getters/setters accordingly will be generated.

Hibernate extension annotations

Some of Hibernates annotations, most notably Table and Entity conflict with equally named JPA annotations. This is a problem because Jynx usually imports classes by name i.e.

import org.hibernate.annotations.Table;

instead of

import org.hibernate.annotations.*;

The jynx.lib.hibernate package provides an hn_anno object for disambiguation purposes. Accessing Hibernate annotations from hn_anno is safe regarding JPA annotation conflicts. So one can safely use

.. sourcecode :: jython

    @Entity # JPA
    @hn_anno.Entity # Hibernate
    class Foo(Serializable):

Working with sessions

The janx.lib.hibernate library defines two context managers for with-statement usage. They handle opneing+closing sessions and opening+committing/rolling back transactions.

class lib.hibernate.hn_session(*classes)

Context manager used to open/close sessions.

Parameters:classes – zero or more classes added to the AnnotationConfiguration object of Hibernate Annotations.
class lib.hibernate.hn_transact(session)

Context manager used to handle transactions. The transaction is rolled back if an unhandled exception is raised within the with-statement block of hn_transact. Otherwise it will be committed.

Parameters:session – the session which starts the transaction.


class Foo(Serializable):
    def id(_):_

with hn_session(Foo) as session:
    with hn_transact(session):
        foo = Foo() = 789

Frequent Errors

Some well known Hibernate errors and how to respond in the jynx.lib.hibernate context.

AnnotationException: Reference to an unknown entity


org.hibernate.AnnotationException: @OneToOne or @ManyToOne on org.jynx.gen.Person.address.type
                                   references an unknown entity: org.jynx.gen.AddressType

The type AddressType could not be found when the SessionFactory was built. This can be fixed easily by adding

with hn_session(..., AddressType) as session: