Public Talks

EP 2007                                                         
The first EP talk in 2007 featuring EasyExtend. Somewhat archaic in retrospect, without Trail and the new parser generator architecture. I leaned strongly towards algebro-geometric metaphors and envisioned languages which can be composed. So the fiber-space/fiber-bundle metaphor actually made some sense. The highlight at that time was a syntactic macro system implemented as an extension language that could be mixed with other extension languages. Programs using it were so hard to debug that I abandoned this approach completely. Same with the name "fiber" for extension languages which was occupied by Microsofts use of the term for microthreads. Shit happens.           


EP 2010

In 2010 I shifted from EasyExtend towards Langscape. The EP talk was a bit too crowded with ideas; it ranged from trace based parsing to breeding grammars using genetic algorithms. A more focused talk would have been better but I wanted to cover everything I did in EasyExtend/Langscape within the last three years and this was a lot. There is also a bug in the talk noticed by Jörg Blank. I thought that one could compare context free grammars by means of their token traces but equivalence of CFGs is generally undecidable. It's still an interesting approach to syntax and grammar refactoring but one has to be aware that one will only ever get approximations.

For this talk I used asemic writing artwork which I enjoyed a lot and still do.

Trails in a Langscape