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Class ByteletList

 object --+        
       list --+    
p4dbase.P4DList --+

Class used to represent lists of P4D objects. A special property of P4DList objects is the provisioning of P4D object methods for P4DLists containing a single P4D element.

So P4DList([a]).m() == a.m() for P4D methods like child(), comment(), text() etc.

Instance Methods [hide private]

Inherited from p4dbase.P4DList: CDATA, __delitem__, __getattr__, __setattr__, attribute, attributes, child, children, comment, content, first_child, get, p4dstr, search, text, update, xmlstr

Inherited from p4dbase.P4DList (private): _get_tag

Inherited from list: __add__, __contains__, __delslice__, __eq__, __ge__, __getattribute__, __getitem__, __getslice__, __gt__, __hash__, __iadd__, __imul__, __init__, __iter__, __le__, __len__, __lt__, __mul__, __ne__, __new__, __repr__, __reversed__, __rmul__, __setitem__, __setslice__, append, count, extend, index, insert, pop, remove, reverse, sort

Inherited from object: __delattr__, __reduce__, __reduce_ex__, __str__

Properties [hide private]

Inherited from p4dbase.P4DList: tag

Inherited from object: __class__