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Open source saturation

Posted in General, Programming Culture on August 7th, 2010 by kay – 7 Comments

Reading the following post of Jimmy Schementi who explained his exit at Microsoft with the loss of MS’s interest in IronRuby I start to wonder if this isn’t a sign of the times? Open source projects get started by a small team of employees and killed when they don’t attract a community which brings them forth what rarely ever happens because everyone in OSS is already busy and either engaged with a major project, a brand which has been established a few years ago like (C)Python, Rails, Linux or Django¬† or doing solo acts as in my own case. Same with Google Wave which was promising but the only wave it produced was a Tsunami of initial attention in the wikiredditblogosphere. Everyone expected Google would bring it forth just like any other commodity. I guess the same would happen to their Go language which was started by a superstar team of veteran programmers and would immediately go away if Google discontinues investment.

There are very few brands which are both new and do well like Clojure and Scala which seem to follow Pythons BDFL model and they are – unsurprisingly? – programming languages. Are there other examples of OSS projects that peaked in the last 2-3 years and established a community of regular committers who are not interns of a single company or do we see an almost inevitable saturation?