This is a blog representation of Kay Schlühr ( ‘kaɪ ʃlyɐ ). I’m a native German and “Kay” is a male name in Germany. The pronunciation of the “ay” vowel is as in “guy”. So my first name sounds like the Japanese “Kai” and not like the anglophone “Kay”.

I’m a mathematician and software developer, working and pausing a freelancer. I’m interested in programming as a (popular) culture and a medium of thought.

My major programming project is called Langscape, which is the successor project of EasyExtend which I started in 2006. Langscape is a programming language oriented framework used to create and modify languages on the syntactical level but it is also a plethora of tools for analysis and synthesis of programming language expressions. Langscape is associated with Trail, which is the name of the frameworks parser generator. Trail uses a parsing algorithm which I  called Trace Based Parsing ( TBP ), which is a generalization of older techniques used for decades in the domain of regular expression matching. TBP and its automata model has been a source of a plethora of insights and techniques, “spin offs” which are not directly related to parsing.

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