Trails in a Langscape

Welcome to Trails in a Langscape which is the new title of this blog. It is a minor change since URLs are not affected and the character of the blog will also remain the same. Langscape is the successor project of EasyExtend and is publically hosted at Google Code.

Since I created this WordPress blog instance I slowly worked on a new EasyExtend release. I published lots of related technical ideas but never released any code. Now the code is out. It lives in an Hg repository, it is filed under a new label and hopefully a first packaged Langscape 0.1 release will follow soon. There is no project documentation at the moment and I still think about its organization. Another open issue is packaging and distribution, but I have no idea what is up-to-date in this area, how Langscape is possibly used, if anyone will ever create langlets or just use the growing toolbox applicable to Python, including syntactically guarded search and replace.

Europython 2010

Of course the time of publication is not arbitrarily chosen. I attend to Europython 2010 next week in Birmingham and have a talk about EasyExtend/Langscape at Wednesday late in the afternoon before we leave for Conference dinner. I hope many of you go to Europython as well and I’ll find a few of my casual readers in the audience. If the talk is so good as the fun I had preparing my slides, you’ll enjoy it as well.

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