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Python – Hibernate – Jynx

Jynx 0.4 goes Hibernate In Jynx 0.4 JPA/Hibernate annotations are supported. Although this is still work in progress some of the more complex nested annotations were tested as well as Hibernate extension annotations which cannot be single-name imported along with … Continue reading

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Jynx 0.3 – how to fix custom class loaders for use with Jython

Broken class loaders Jynx 0.2 contained an ugly workaround for a bug I couldn’t fix for quite a while. The bug can be described as follows: suppose you defined code of a Java class `A` and compiled it dynamically: A … Continue reading

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Jynx 0.2 released

I’ve released Jynx 0.2. Jynx is a Jython package which utilizes dynamic Java compilation from Jython and improves on Java scripting. With Jynx 0.2 two major new features are implemented now. Annotation Extraction In the initial Jynx 0.1 release an … Continue reading

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I have just released the initial version of my new Jython project Jynx on Google Code. Jynx sums up my latest efforts on the dynamic Java compilation front and it heads into the future of Java framework utilization from Python. … Continue reading

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