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Python – Hibernate – Jynx

Jynx 0.4 goes Hibernate In Jynx 0.4 JPA/Hibernate annotations are supported. Although this is still work in progress some of the more complex nested annotations were tested as well as Hibernate extension annotations which cannot be single-name imported along with … Continue reading

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Jynx 0.2 released

I’ve released Jynx 0.2. Jynx is a Jython package which utilizes dynamic Java compilation from Jython and improves on Java scripting. With Jynx 0.2 two major new features are implemented now. Annotation Extraction In the initial Jynx 0.1 release an … Continue reading

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A simple Spring challenge

I got some comments on my Biggus Dickus article in its own comments section as well as on programming.reddit. Many people defended Spring on grounds of its usability, whereas others identified the author of this lines as completely clueless. I … Continue reading

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Java Spring – or the Biggus Dickus effect

Looking at the API alone Spring feels like reading a parody on Java enterprise software written by Steve Yegge. AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSourceCreator ContextSingletonBeanFactoryLocator AspectJAdviceParameterNameDiscoverer UserRoleAuthorizationInterceptor TransactionAwarePersistenceManagerFactoryProxy SQLStateSQLExceptionTranslator SimpleBeanFactoryAwareAspectInstanceFactory … Legend! Nonstop administrative debris as dadaist poetry. Écriture automatique of the programming office … Continue reading

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Stitches of a flea language – defining Java annotations in Jython

Jython annotations – anyone? The last few days I tried to figure out how to create Jython annotations. A Jython annotation is defined here as a Java annotation lifted from Jython to Java. So one essentially defines a Java annotation … Continue reading

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Into The Labyrinth – using the JavaCompiler API from Jython

The Plumber After having neglected Java for years I began to re-examine it this month together with Jython and my initial reaction was a culture shock. Java is infamous for being a “plumbing language” i.e. you have to subclass some … Continue reading

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