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Greedy grammars and Any

I only vaguely remember my first encounter with a parser generator which must by dated back to the late 1990s. I guess it was Spark by John Aycock, an Early parser. What puzzled me back then was the need to … Continue reading

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The state of the Trail parser generator

White Easter Snow came back, if only for a brief moment, to remind me laying Trail to rest until next winter… x + + + + + + + + + – – – – – – – – – … Continue reading

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LL(*) faster than LL(1)?

No jumps When I began to work on EasyExtend in 2006 I grabbed a Python parser from the web, written by Jonathan Riehl ( it doesn’t seem to be available anymore ). It was a pure Python parser following closely … Continue reading

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Token Tracers

When I started programming EasyExtend in 2006 one of the major problems was the correct grammar -> NFA translation. I used big grammars and testing for correctness required lots of source code. The first heuristics I used was ugly and … Continue reading

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Restricted backmatching

In practice we often encounter situations when our preferred approach to problem solving breaks down. Just look at the recent Google implementation of  a regexp engine RE2, created by Russ Cox who has written a revival paper for Thompson NFAs  … Continue reading

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About CST interpolation

Eli Bendersky has written a short overview article about Pythons _ast module which is supposed to make working with parse trees simpler by transforming them into other trees i.e. abstract syntax trees. In this article I want to talk a … Continue reading

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Linear bounds for backtracking parsers with memoization

On the comp.compilers mailing list I asked for a confirmation of the O(n) complexity claim for packrat parsers. A packrat parser is a particular top down recursive descendant parser which applies backtracking on failure of consuming a token by application … Continue reading

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Is parsing Perl really impossible?

I just read this article about the apparent inability to parse Perl 5. There is an underlying assumption that a parser has to resolve all ambiguities and derive a single parse tree from an expression ( giving a unique interpretation … Continue reading

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CodeTemplates – a fresh look on code transformations

This is the first part of a two part article series about CodeTemplates. CodeTemplates are a code transformation technique that suggests an alternative to common syntactic as well as lexical macros for whole language transformations. Syntactic macros About three years … Continue reading

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Trace Based Parsing (Part V) – From Grammars to NFAs

In this article I will demonstrate the translation process by which an EBNF grammar will be translated into a Trail NFA. There are several different notations for EBNF that differ only in minor details. I’ve chosen the one of Pythons … Continue reading

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