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Greedy grammars and Any

I only vaguely remember my first encounter with a parser generator which must by dated back to the late 1990s. I guess it was Spark by John Aycock, an Early parser. What puzzled me back then was the need to … Continue reading

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LL(*) faster than LL(1)?

No jumps When I began to work on EasyExtend in 2006 I grabbed a Python parser from the web, written by Jonathan Riehl ( it doesn’t seem to be available anymore ). It was a pure Python parser following closely … Continue reading

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Patching tracebacks

One of the problems I early ran into¬† when working on EasyExtend ( and later on Langscape ) was to get error messages from code execution which were not corrupt. The situation is easily explained: you have a program `P` … Continue reading

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Fuzzy string matching II – matching wordlists

Small misspellings An anonymous programming reddit commenter wrote about my fuzzy string matching article: A maximum edit distance of 2 or 3 is reasonable for most applications of edit distance. For example, cat and dog are only 3 edits away … Continue reading

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Fuzzy string matching

A damn hot algorithm I found the following article written by Nick Johnson about the use of finite state machines for approximate¬† string matches i.e. string matches which are not exact but bound by a given edit distance. The algorithm … Continue reading

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Python26 expressions

When you look at the following listing you might think it’s just a sequence of nonsense statements in Python 26,maybe created for testing purposes: raise a, b, c import d from e import* import f from .g import(a) from b … Continue reading

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Shaky Python future

Mark Pilgrim says: Anyway, I’m really proud of how well DiP3 [Dive into Python 3, ks] came out. The only problem is that no one is using Python 3. I took a gamble last year that large libraries would port … Continue reading

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“Resolver Games” are alive!

Resolver One competition I admit I participated in the Resolver One competition in the first round in January as one of the losers. When Resolver Systems announced their challenge I got the impression they encouraged using their spreadsheet almost like … Continue reading

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Choosers and ChooserMixins in C++ and Python

Chooser Objects From time to time I’m amazed to find a simple algorithm which seemed to be a low hanging fruit which was just overlooked. In this particular case it is about generating and utilizing test data in a both … Continue reading

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Python – Hibernate – Jynx

Jynx 0.4 goes Hibernate In Jynx 0.4 JPA/Hibernate annotations are supported. Although this is still work in progress some of the more complex nested annotations were tested as well as Hibernate extension annotations which cannot be single-name imported along with … Continue reading

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