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CodeTemplates – a fresh look on code transformations

This is the first part of a two part article series about CodeTemplates. CodeTemplates are a code transformation technique that suggests an alternative to common syntactic as well as lexical macros for whole language transformations. Syntactic macros About three years … Continue reading

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Python vs TTCN-3

Some time ago computing scientists Bernard Stepien and Liam Peyton from the University of Ottawa compared Python with TTCN-3. TTCN-3 means Testing and Test Control Notation and it is domain specific language specifically designed for writing tests in the domain … Continue reading

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The thunk_stmt and programmable semantics In Python

Seems as if there was just a single direction of syntactical improvement of Python these days which is the introduction of Ruby style blocks. Tav suggests to reuse Pythons with-statement: with_stmt: "with" expression (["as" target] | ["do" [parameter_list]]) ":" suitewith_stmt: … Continue reading

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Lonely Python is Intelligent Design and how to liberate from it

Python is doomed. Well, of course it is not yet doomed. Python is an evolutionary dead end living lonely on its own fitness plateau. It is clear that Python won’t have offspring because of significant whitespace aka indentation sensitivity. No … Continue reading

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