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Bickering about unit testing

Doubts on the effectiveness of unit testing Unit testing has entered the programming mainstream with XUnit packages and derivations of them. They are available for all mainstream programming languages. It is not normal today shipping an OSS project without any … Continue reading

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Choosers and ChooserMixins in C++ and Python

Chooser Objects From time to time I’m amazed to find a simple algorithm which seemed to be a low hanging fruit which was just overlooked. In this particular case it is about generating and utilizing test data in a both … Continue reading

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Python vs TTCN-3

Some time ago computing scientists Bernard Stepien and Liam Peyton from the University of Ottawa compared Python with TTCN-3. TTCN-3 means Testing and Test Control Notation and it is domain specific language specifically designed for writing tests in the domain … Continue reading

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