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Universal Set in Python

Building sets from set() and ANY When defining a regular expression there is a well known duality between a set of characters specified by enclosing characters or character ranges within square brackets `[…]` and defining the pattern of the complement … Continue reading

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The statement that never was

The Python release archive is a nice repository for archaeological findings. My biggest surprise was the existence of an access statement and `access` keyword in the pre-history of Python 1.5.0. The syntax was already specified in release 1.0 with an … Continue reading

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Pyload part I ( Path objects )

This article is the first in a series that studies the design of a module import system. Although this work is situated in the Python context it can stay on its own to a large extent and ideas may be … Continue reading

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Broken beyond repair – Pythons import system

It often happens that language features we have once distasted become comfortable after a while. We learn to live with them, take their advantages and forget about their annoyance. For many Python developers things like the explicit `self` in the … Continue reading

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Contextual Keywords

Keywords and Contextual Keywords A language keyword is a reserved word that cannot be used as an identifier for variables, constants, classes etc. Often it is an element of language syntax. Syntactical structure is simplified by means of keywords. A … Continue reading

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CPython vs IronPython

Two video shots tell more than 2000 words. CPython Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page] IronPython Get the latest Flash Player to see … Continue reading

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The thunk_stmt and programmable semantics In Python

Seems as if there was just a single direction of syntactical improvement of Python these days which is the introduction of Ruby style blocks. Tav suggests to reuse Pythons with-statement: with_stmt: "with" expression (["as" target] | ["do" [parameter_list]]) ":" suitewith_stmt: … Continue reading

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Lonely Python is Intelligent Design and how to liberate from it

Python is doomed. Well, of course it is not yet doomed. Python is an evolutionary dead end living lonely on its own fitness plateau. It is clear that Python won’t have offspring because of significant whitespace aka indentation sensitivity. No … Continue reading

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