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Jynx 0.3 – how to fix custom class loaders for use with Jython

Broken class loaders Jynx 0.2 contained an ugly workaround for a bug I couldn’t fix for quite a while. The bug can be described as follows: suppose you defined code of a Java class `A` and compiled it dynamically: A … Continue reading

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Jynx 0.2 released

I’ve released Jynx 0.2. Jynx is a Jython package which utilizes dynamic Java compilation from Jython and improves on Java scripting. With Jynx 0.2 two major new features are implemented now. Annotation Extraction In the initial Jynx 0.1 release an … Continue reading

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Four things I’d change in Python – and a little more

1. Import system Replace the flat module cache by a set of ModuleTree objects rooted in nodes living on the PYTHONPATH. Apply relative path semantics by default and treat absolute paths as special cases. Internal paths which are used in … Continue reading

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Redesign of the and modules

Brett Cannon asks for modules of the stdlib to be redesigned. I find the idea rather bizarre to initiate a poll for this but maybe that’s just the future of programming where the quality of an implementation is judged by … Continue reading

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I have just released the initial version of my new Jython project Jynx on Google Code. Jynx sums up my latest efforts on the dynamic Java compilation front and it heads into the future of Java framework utilization from Python. … Continue reading

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Stitches of a flea language – defining Java annotations in Jython

Jython annotations – anyone? The last few days I tried to figure out how to create Jython annotations. A Jython annotation is defined here as a Java annotation lifted from Jython to Java. So one essentially defines a Java annotation … Continue reading

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Into The Labyrinth – using the JavaCompiler API from Jython

The Plumber After having neglected Java for years I began to re-examine it this month together with Jython and my initial reaction was a culture shock. Java is infamous for being a “plumbing language” i.e. you have to subclass some … Continue reading

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Pattern matching with TupleTrees

As it seems advanced dispatch schemes are discussed right now under the pattern matching label. In this article I want to discuss another solution using a data-structure called the `TupleTree` ( also known as prefix tree or trie ). The … Continue reading

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Python vs TTCN-3

Some time ago computing scientists Bernard Stepien and Liam Peyton from the University of Ottawa compared Python with TTCN-3. TTCN-3 means Testing and Test Control Notation and it is domain specific language specifically designed for writing tests in the domain … Continue reading

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Tail recursion decorator revisited

A while ago some of us tried to find the best solution for a tail recursion decorator. The story began when Crutcher Dunnavant came up with a surprising decorator that was able to eliminate tail recursion. His solution used stack … Continue reading

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